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Faded Creditd

This is our first full-length LP, “Faded.” You can stream and download the album in its entirety on our Bandcamp. Pay whatever you want for it. Physical copies of the album are also now available at shows.

Above, is the art work. Design by Super Thief. Photography by Jacqueline Lege. Look at more of her photography here.

This album was recorded live on analog tape in August of 2013.
Mixed by Rob Whitehead at Tweak Freq Studios in Austin, TX.
Mastered by Mell Dettmer.

All songs written and performed by Super Thief.
Jay Dilick – drums
Jordan Emmert – bass
Cody Kimbell – guitar / vox
Momin Ahmad – keys / sax / noise




Proud to announce the release of our new single, Dead Dog Farm. You can check it out here or on our SoundCloud.

Recorded live on analog tape in August of 2013. From the full-length album, Faded.

Mixing by Rob Whitehead at Tweak Freq Studios in Austin, TX.

Mastering by Mell Dettmer.



A set of live demos we recorded at our practice space on South First in Austin, TX.

All songs written, performed, and produced by Super Thief.

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