KVRX and Local Live have put out Local Live Vol. 18 on cassettes and our song “Plot” is on there. You can purchase a tape HERE. Or, buy one in Austin at End of an Ear. Thanks to KVRX and Local Live for including us on this sweet release.

LL tapes

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Kurzner and Joey Oaxaca.
KVRX Studios. Austin, TX, USA.
Recordins courtesy of Local Live 2013-2014 programming
Sundays at 10pm on 91.7 FM KVRX and TSTV

Selling tapes on behalf of KVRX and Local Live. All proceeds go to benefiting and preserving college radio


Side A:
Glue – Intro/Disgrace
Breakout – Shadows/Breakout
Recide – Cavalvade (Enemy of the Day)/Before False II
Institute – Giddy Boys/Bureaucrat
Ghetto Ghouls – The Bottom
Total Abuse – Looking for Love
Crooked Bangs – Heure Du Loup
Super Thief – Plot
Two Inch Astronaut – No Feelings
Bleeding Rainbow – Dead Head
Hola Beach – Don’t Take it Personal
Bloody Knives – Now I Know

Side B:
Daniel Francis Doyle and the Dreamers – Old Ancient Feelings
Ava Luna – Plain Speech
Krill – Turd
The Rich Hands – No Harm
Abraham Shook
Black Books – The Big Idea
Blackstone Rangers – Prey Don’t Find Me
Ruby Fray – Vespers/Photograph
Disco Doom – Drifter
Yum – Yawn All Day Long



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